You got to make your own worlds, you got to write yourself in.
— Octavia Butler
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2018 — sometimes running away means finding home, not leaving it behind. a coming-of-age journey that crosses borders & spans centuries, YAELIS is a road trip, a fever dream, & an earth-shaking ancestral resurrection.

selected for development with crashbox theater company’s read. play. write. vii
upcoming: factoree workshop with the dare tactic



2017 — as kids growing up in new york city, nelly, alaida, and sol spent hot summer days daring, dancing, and documenting their way across boroughs, rivers, and storefronts. ten years later, time has seemed to warp everything, from their once-indestructible friendship to the landscape of the streets they used to call home. DESARROLLO is an unraveling—a discovery—of what happens to the people and the places we love when put under pressure; like film developing in the dark, their stories are ones of transformation, of capturing the moments that change us.

selected for development with playwrights’ week 2018 at the lark
selected for full production in the 2018 season of
corkscrew theater festival
partially developed with the bechdel group's reading series


the anatomy of light

2016 — when we carry the pain of our histories and our loved ones in our blood, bruises are not so quick to fade. the anatomy of light is a play about a young boy, a family, an island or two, and what it means to love and to lose. set in the brooklyn of the 21st century, it swims back and forth in time, exploring how there can be healing in the wake of broken bones, colorful bullets, and a mother gone—with fireworks bursting all the while.

selected for 50 playwrights project's best unproduced latinx plays 2018
honorable mention on
the 2016 kilroys list
winner of the 2016
marilyn swartz seven '69 playwriting award
finalist for the 2016 rising circle theater collective INKtank

all we are is (or fire & she who comes from it)

2016 — part of a senior project in media studies, all we are is (or fire & she who comes from it) is a performance text that tackles theatre as a medium of memory and explores how playwriting and performance can function as tools for feminist, queer, and anti-colonial critique and community-building. a mosaic of moments centering around the lives and creative process of six women of color (each of them designated by only a single letter), this work is an attempt at experiencing and demonstrating the particular way that writing and performance (and writing for performance) frame and foster the feminist and anti-racist work of decolonization.

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the orange line©

2015 — a traverse stage. an afrolatinx ensemble of three (+1). a transparent wall. set in new york city, home of the neo-islanders, THE ORANGE LINE© adapts the personal notebooks and legendary SAMO© graffiti of artist jean-michel basquiat as a means of exploring identity, art, and violence across time and space. through use of the phrases and poetics of basquiat's personal/street art—which have come to be perhaps just as widely known as his larger paintings—this one-act play unfolds as a conversation with the iconic black artist and the city in which he lived and died.

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an empty glass

2014 — home [hōm, hohm], noun: a sea of dots on a map; a wavering reflection at the bottom of an empty glass. set in the round, this is a play (a moment, a happening, a snapshot) about what the word home can mean—and how, when their paths cross on an autumn evening in a london pub, six strangers can discover and define it together.

semi-finalist at manhattan repertory theatre's 2015 fall one-act play competition


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